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Patriot Guardens

Our Mission

Providing Agricultural Education to Veterans and their Families

Patriot Guardens is a special program through the West Virginia Military Authority that provides non-formal agricultural education and hands-on learning opportunities to veterans, active duty members of the military, and their families. Our grant-funded program assists and supports everyone from backyard hobbyists and start-up business owners to seasoned professional farmers.

Our mission is to provide veterans and their families with the tools and education they need to succeed in the agricultural industry. We believe that agriculture can provide a therapeutic and meaningful experience for those who have served our country.

Rows of apple trees trellised.

Our Story

Supporting Our Nation's Heroes

Patriot Guardens was founded with the goal of supporting our nation's heroes by providing them with opportunities in the agricultural industry. We recognized the therapeutic benefits of working with the land and wanted to share that experience with others who have served our country.

Through our programs, we have seen the positive impact that agriculture can have on the lives of veterans and their families. We are committed to continuing to support and empower those who have served us.

"Welcome to Patriot Guardens Urban Farm" sign hanging on a fence.
Closeup of kale.
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