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Base Innovations

"Unlocking Potential, Fostering Growth: Base Innovations  - Your Path to Success"

What is it?

Are you a veteran or active military personnel looking to start or grow your business? Base Innovations, located at 1001 Smith Street in downtown Charleston, West Virginia, is here to support you.

At Base Innovations, we offer comprehensive resources tailored to the unique needs of our military community. Whether you’re starting out or expanding, our services are designed for your success.

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Services Offered

  • Education and Outreach:
    Specialized programs and workshops on business development.

  • Workforce Development:
    Training and networking to enhance skills and employability.

  • Personal Offices:
    Rent workspaces on an hourly or long-term basis.

  • Conference Room Rental:
    Host meetings, seminars, or training sessions.

  • Marketing and Consultations:
    Expert advice on marketing and business management.

  • Free Services for Patriot Guardens Participants: 
    Access all our services at no cost.

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